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Small Claims Download Statement of Claim & Citation Evictions Rule to Evict Tenant Form Notice to Vacate (General) Notice to Vacate (Non-payment)

Rules and Policies

Rules of City Court Alexandria City CourtWards 1, 2 & 8Rapides Parish, Louisiana Rule 1: Term of Court The City Court of Alexandria, Civil and Criminal Divisions, shall convene on the first Tuesday of September and remain in continuous session through the first Monday of September of the following year. Rule 2: Schedule of Sessions …

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Eviction Fees Single tenant $142.00 Each additional tenant $74.00 Eviction Forms Rule to Evict Tenant Form Notice to Vacate (General) Notice to Vacate (Non-payment)

Small Claims

General Information What is Small Claims Court? The Small Claims Division is a part of the Alexandria City Court established pursuant to Louisiana Statutes 13:5201-5212. You may sue to resolve minor civil disputes or try to recover claims of up to $5,000.00, plus interest, court cost and attorney fees.  A claim, generally speaking, asserts a …

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Filing Fees

Small Claims Small Claims (Each Defendant) $54.00 Small Claims (Counterclaim or Reconventional Demand) $54.00 Small Claims (Transfer to Regular Civil Docket) $50.00 Witness Summons $50.00 Local Service Subpeona Duces Tecum $60.00 Local Service Garnishments $110.00 Writ of FIFA (Seizure of Automobile, etc) $110.00 Writ of FIFA (Judgement Debtor) $110.00 Each defendant Evictions Single tenant $140.00 …

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